Tribute to Brian Reid

When Coach Graeme left Global back in February 2012, I felt abandoned. It didn’t help that I saw the news of his resignation on the Internet. I was relatively new to football then, and he was like the grandfather I never had. I was definitely upset, but I understood his reasons for leaving. I wasn’t sure if I would welcome any coach into my life after that, and then I met Coach Brian Reid.

Scot Session: Brian Reid

Brian Reid delivers more than a decade’s worth of football experience as newly installed Coach for Global FC. He may have grown under rule by monarchy, but his multiclub chronicles and European discipline make him the “Awrite! Yer guid!” choice as local commander. Former defender and now a full-time coach, Reid is just about Reid-y for his next challenge, braving the local football storm with Global FC. Global Force, prepare the bagpipes!

Characters in the UFL

We don’t really need characters, but real players in the United Football League (UFL). Players that our children can look up to and admire should they choose to become professional footballers or simply fans of the sport. We want kids to play proper football—no cheating, no flying kicks, no nonsense.