Life at Kaya So Far

Life at Kaya So Far copy

It’s been almost two months at Kaya, and in these past few months, I’ve been constantly peppered by the same questions: “How’s life at Kaya?” “How’s Kaya treating you?” “How’s Kaya?” These questions, said in various tones, from concerned to curious, have become their staple greeting, and “Good” has become my autoreply.

Well, to put an end to these endless inquiries—this is my first and last attempt!—I will blog about my experience. So far, life at Kaya has been good. Oops, here I go again with “good”! I mean, let me give you an idea why that is the best response.

To start off, my expectations have been met, and that is always a good start. Kaya has always been close to my heart, and to be part of it finally confirmed why. Not gonna get into the details, but the work itself is what I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to be part of an academy, and here at Kaya, I get to write about young and talented footballers who end up inspiring me instead of inspiring them. I also love working with Chris Greatwich. He is exactly how I imagined him to be. He is funny, witty, and clever! He knows what he wants to achieve and how he wants to achieve it. Goal-oriented and dedicated, and I like that. He is not afraid to say what is on his mind. Straightforward, and I like that. I’ve known him since 2011, and working with him is a privilege. He turns his passion into action—cliché and obvious, yes!—but it is motivating and effective. That is how everything worthwhile starts—with passion. Okay, I should stop here. I don’t want Chris to think I’m his no. 1 fan!

Chris Greatwich with Students copy

Working for the senior team is another thing and is my priority. I work closely with Paul, the general manager, and I know I’m in good hands. I don’t think he would want me to mention his name (sorry, Paul!) on my blog, but I can’t help but give him a shout-out. I know I will learn a lot from him, and we all know my quest for knowledge never ends. “Jack of all trades, master of some” is my tagline and not “A mystery to solve.” I’m truly grateful that he decided to take me under his wing. When it comes to Paul, there is always a way—if you are committed.

Lastly, Kaya is known for its brotherhood, and I’m blessed to be one of them. In my recent feature on Masanari Omura, I said that Masa regards Kaya as not only a team but also his own family in the football world. Kaya indeed has a kind of brotherhood that can withstand anything under the sun. I know it’s too early for me to give a testimonial, but since I was a fan of the club first, I’ve always been familiar. The solidarity and camaraderie are crystal clear, and I hope I can make it stronger one day.

Sure, I miss my friends at Global—who all seem to have left, if I’m not mistaken—but I’m exactly where I want to be. I tell people it’s all good at Kaya because, as vague as it sounds, it is good. Thanks for all the concern, but I think it’s time to put all your questions to rest. Don’t worry about me. I know Kaya’s got my back!

Tokyo Tokyo x Kaya