Global FC: Bouncing Back

GFC: Bouncing Back

We, Global FC, are officially the 2012–2013 UFL Cup first runner-up! Congratulations to Stallion FC for winning this year’s cup. Stallion FC only debuted in the first division of the 2011–2012 season, and look how far they’ve come. Of course, I would have loved it if we won—the last time we won the cup was during the 2010–2011 UFL Cup—but anything can happen in football, a game of two halves. Losing and winning are part of football, part of life, and there is always another trophy to be won. I guess this keeps things interesting and everyone humble, hungry, and driven. Losing hurts, especially in the finals, but we just have to learn from these mistakes and move on and move forward.

We want to thank Global Force again for the undying and unparalleled support. During the duration of the cup, our official supporters club has grown in numbers and has vastly improved not just in terms of cheering—loud, proud, and forever creative—but also in terms of how the members have reflected and absorbed our club’s culture. You have always been part of the Global FC family, but this time around, you stepped up to the plate and showed a newfound camaraderie and structure present in our club. Diversity is very much alive and present, and Global fans from all over the country are drawn to you as well.

Building and strengthening Global Force is an ongoing process that will never end, and I hope you won’t stop attending our games, cheering relentlessly, and bringing your families and friends to support us. There is already a growing football community, and somehow, Global Force is one of the forces spearheading it in the right direction.

We also want to give a shout-out to the rest of the fans and supporters who continuously support and connect with us through Facebook posts, tweets, and other forms of media. We’d love to meet all of you one day.

Yes, we didn’t win the cup, but we’ll bounce back. We’ll be back. We always do.

There is sourness that is central to the experience of supporting a big team, and you can’t do anything about it apart from live with it and accept that professional sport has to be sour if it is to mean anything at all.

—Nick Hornby, Fever Pitch