Thanks, Salamat, Gracias!

We, Global FC, are officially the 2011–2012 UFL Champions! I can never say these things in public because I’m such a wallflower, but I want to do it.

I want to thank Global Force for your incredible support since Day 1. With or without drums, you would scream your hearts out and tire your hands from clapping just to cheer for the team. I was there every game, probably hiding, and I can testify that you did a brilliant job. Our victory is yours, too! You deserve a thunderous applause and a big hug from all of us at Global FC.

If only we could add another award, it would be the Best Cheering Squad/Group—and hands down, I’d bestow the prize to the Global Force. Enthusiastic, battle ready, spontaneous, interactive and witty, your cheers have more impact than an LSS (last song syndrome).

I want to thank the rest of the fans and supporters for watching our matches live on television or online. You guys are important to us! We treasure all our fans, wherever you may be. We hope to see all of you soon.

I want to thank the players for fighting until the very end. You guys have been through a lot bad refereeing included, of course and you never stopped believing that we can be the champions. You wore that “above all” attitude like armor even if there were times when it felt like everyone was against you.

I honestly learned a lot from each one of you. You are special in your own way and no words can express how much you have touched my life. You treated me like your own brother and taught me new things that I thought I already knew. I guess I can now confirm that it’s true that you know you are a team when your hearts start to beat as one once the game starts. I felt it. I’ve never been part of a team like this and I’m grateful. It is an honor to fight with you.

I want to thank Dan Palami, Franco Lorenzo, Rafa Garcia, Dondi Bautista, and the rest of the coaching and management staff for everything you’ve done for the team. Working with all of you already counts as one of the best things I’ve done in my life. You welcomed me into the family with open arms and founded our relationship on trust. You were my mentors and every challenge was worth it. There would be no Global FC without you.

I look forward to working with all of you again.

Above All,

Miji Gonzales