The Other Side of Patrick Reichelt

On one random sunny day, I approached Patrick Reichelt after I’d decided he would be the focus of my next blog entry about life at work. Asking players questions—important, silly—has become part of my weekly routine at the office. With the likes of Misagh, Carlie, Juani, Yu-san, Bads, and Carlos, once you get the ball rolling, there’s no stopping them from telling all kinds of stories. They are all footballers, but when I’m with them, they offer to show a different side of themselves. Nothing they ever say is dull; everything is refreshing.

Clearly, I was bored, and since Patrick is relatively new at Global, I figured he could brighten up the already bright day. With eyes wide open, he laughs and says, “Nothing to say, I’m a very boring guy!” Somehow, with that kind of answer, I knew asking him more questions would likely get me interesting answers and reactions, exactly what I needed to perk up!

Miji:             Favorite teams?
Patrick:       FC Bayern Munich.
Miji:             That’s it? How about Premier League teams like, um, Manchester United?
Patrick:       No. Milan.
Miji:             What? Why? That’s not a Premier… Fine. Favorite players?
Patrick:       Franck Ribéry, Majebi Tseke, and Räuber Hotzenplotz
Miji:             The last one is…?
Patrick:       A joke! *laughs*
Miji:             A German joke, I suppose. I still don’t get it! *laughs* Anyway, football
Patrick:       Mehmet Scholl
Miji:             Who?!
Patrick:       I’ll write it down.
Miji:             Favorite quote?
Patrick:       What?
Miji:             Like the overused “no pain, no gain” and “no guts, no glory.”
Patrick:       Ah, “out of sight, out of mind”
Miji:             If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be?
Patrick:       Unemployed.
Miji:             *laughs* So what are the others sports you play?
Patrick:       *serious look* Oddset
Miji:             Oddset? Oddset Hockey Games? Cool, hockey!
Patrick:       Noooooo, Oddset, as in betting. It’s a joke. *laughs*
Miji:             So you don’t play hockey?
Patrick:       No, no hockey. It’s a joke!
Miji:             *laughs* Okay, how about telling me some of the awards you’ve received?
Patrick:       I forgot! *laughs*
Miji:             *laughs* Never mind. Videogames?
Patrick:       Pro Evolution Soccer and Mario Kart
Miji:             Favorite food? Schnitzel?
Patrick:       Noooo, spaghetti, Bolognese.
Miji:             Tagalog words you know?
Carlie:        *butts in and says a famous Tagalog swear word*
Patrick:       I only know a few. Salamat, walang anuman, and hay naku.
Miji:             *laughs at Carlie* Place in Manila?
Dondi:        *interrupts* Magallanes!
Miji:             OMG. Do you know who this guy is?
Patrick:       I don’t know. *laughs* Who is he?
Miji:             Beats me! *(fake) punches Dondi* Favorite place?
Patrick:       Greenbelt!
Miji:             I have no more questions. But I think I’ll write about you tomorrow!
Patrick:       Salamat!

For me, he seemed anything but boring. While the technical side of football is engaging, we wouldn’t feel as connected to our favorite players if we knew nothing else about them. Some of them are total goofs! Their story doesn’t end with the sport.

That said, Patrick is an awesome force on the pitch. As a winger marauding down the wings, he has great form. In a race over a long distance, he undoubtedly has speed and pace. Sometimes, or maybe it’s just my imagination, he is like a cross between a defensive Carlie and an offensive Misagh, sans the dribbling. (It’s a joke, Misagh!)

Playing for the UFL may be entirely different from his previous experiences, but Patrick’s cool, calm, and collected presence on the pitch enables him to read the game pretty well. I haven’t seen him whine or harangue our (insert adjective/s here!) referees. You’ll notice that he is like one of those players who will look for the clever pass instead of blasting at the goal from any angle. Of course, he’ll challenge his opponents for possession, but he does it in a very discreet and skillful manner, which is fair and effective and not at all dangerous. When in possession, he can quickly assess the situation and come up with a proper decision, whether to pass the ball, run with the ball, or take a shot. This is just my quick evaluation of Patrick based on my recent observations. True, the heat at UMak gives me a headache, but Patrick is an excellent footballer and not a hallucination caused by the sizzling weather.

Interestingly, he can play as both a striker and a winger. In fact, he was a former striker of Reinickendorfer Füchse back in 2009–2010. During the 2011 Nagold Blitz Football Tournament, he scored five goals out of three matches. He shifted to midfield when he started playing for FC Energie Cottbus U-23 from 2010–2011. Even during his short stint with TSG Neustrelitz in early 2012, he played as a winger. Currently playing for Global FC, he is also stationed at the wings, but with his skills, I’m sure he can be a striker, too. He scored a brace in the recent game against Pasargad FC!

An injury prevented him from playing with the national football team while he was training with the Azkals last year. Despite his deferred Azkals debut, I think he will train with the Azkals while he’s here in Manila. Whatever the case may be, I’m just glad that he’s part of the Global FC family!

I’ve also written comprehensive feature articles about Patrick Reichelt. You may read them by clicking the photos below. They are  posted on the official website of Global FC and the official website of the Philippine National Football Team (Azkals).

Patrick Reichelt on the Cover of Global FC

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