(A Teaser) The Amazing Ace

Any insider in the world of Philippine football will tell you that the sport has a magical way of bringing all sorts of people together. Being among the youngest in that world myself, it’s been great to just be an information sponge around the best people. Rafa and Kat have always been my staple football buddies, and Franco Lorenzo and Dan Palami have always been my mentors, so I thought of reaching out to—drumroll, please—Patrick Ace Bright.

One of the busiest persons I know next to Dan Palami, Ace Bright may be spotted with the players all the time, but I only got to have a meal with the guy until the other night. I heard his phones ring a lot, but he tried not to answer them, and then the person calling him called me instead. Of course, I didn’t answer it!

A little casual small talk about work—nothing tactical or strategic—and then we moved on to trace his roots, childhood, college days, work at ABS-CBN and the PBA, travel escapades, favorite players, and a lot more until I realized that it was way past my bedtime. He narrated everything with so much passion and fervor that at one point I blurted out, “I wish you were my best friend!” I’m not kidding. There’s something so genuine about Ace that he would have been better suited as a guardian angel to the players than a team coordinator.

His life story can be a Maalaala Mo Kaya episode or even a movie like his favorite film, Into the Wild. Thinking about what he has been through, I have come to really admire Ace. One piece of advice I learned from him: Live for the moment. I sure will!

What is the story behind Azkals team coordinator Patrick Ace Bright? Look for the feature article on the official Azkals site soon, only at AzkalsFootballTeam.com!

Full story: Mr. Bright-Side: The Amazing Ace Bright

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  1. finally an article about Ace. A real Azkal fan knows that he has done a lot to the team and everyone should get the chance to know him even through somebody else’s words. mabuhay ka Ace! go Azkals! salamat!

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