Dumpling Dismay

I am part vegan and unknowingly ate pork-infused shrimp wanton at Crystal Jade. Oh by the way, I paid for it still. So there, I am part-vegan and I just paid money to eat pork. I feel so bad, so bad that I don’t think I want to eat for the rest of the week. If in case I die of starvation or ulcer, well my family can thank Crystal Jade their loss.

The staff (two of them, not just one because I can be really OC when it comes to asking about meat content) swore that the shrimp wanton noodle contains “purely shrimp” and so I took their word for it. Unfortunately, “purely” may have a different meaning over at the Greenhills area because what I got (and ate accidentally) was a pork-infused dumpling. After years of not eating meat, it was like blasphemy to my code. It was a situation that could cause any member of PETA to just curl up and die. Since I’m still far from being PETA level, all I could do for now is just curl up and cry.

The Crystal Jade supervisor, with her seeming naiveté to vegan complaints, did not help alleviate the turmoil growing from my sinful ingestion. I feel that either inexperience or a carnivorous practice has led her to be dull to my increasing discomfort. All she cared about was advising the nameless and missing waiter, but really now, will that help erase the signs of pork looming in my digestive tract? The damage has been done and the entire experience has been less than helpful, irritating even.

I read food labels, blot the oil of out my food and abstain from eating meat. I am pretty much sure this is practiced by less than 1% of the population, but this is how I am. I can’t expect everyone to understand, but imagine if you were eating at a fast food chain and asked for a Big Mac to go. How would you feel if by the time you got home, all you found in your plastic was a Burger Mcdo? What part of “Big Mac to go” could be so hard to understand? What part of “purely shrimp” could be so confusing?

I am part-vegan and I feel so dismayed because I just ate pork today, by accident, and was still made to pay for it. Next time Crystal Jade, educate your people so that you won’t kill the next vegan that comes in your door.

P.S. I am not the blog owner. I am his sister, and he allowed me to hack his account.

Jenina Anne B. Gonzales