Say NO to Bullying

It’s time to talk about bullying
This time around, there’s no avoiding

It usually takes place in school
Where the popular ones always rule
Even though nerds are smart
Bullies love to tear them apart
What’s your excuse for being a geek?
They’ll still think you’re a freak
If you’re fat or too thin
Being yourself is like a sin
Bullies are like lions on the hunt
Chasing after their wimpy runt
Once they get their hands on you
The cycle of bullying starts anew
Demeaning words are also used
It’s as if you’ve been abused
Calling you *toot* and *toot*
Words can cut you like a fruit
Backstabbing is another thing
A tricky kind of bullying
It happens when you’re not there
All these lies spreading everywhere
From your “friend” or from your foe
You’re usually the last to know
All those rumors about you
Can’t they tell? They’re not true!
Damages might’ve have been done
But your enemies have not yet won
Be a man and face your fears!
Don’t come home drenched in tears!
No matter what happens, just stay strong
Believe in yourself and nothing will go wrong
You might feel like fighting back
But is it worth it to attack?
They say ignoring is the best solution
Is it written in the constitution?
Well, I don’t suggest retribution
You don’t want a revolution
Bullying is a serious offense
What’s your form of self-defense?

A poem by Miji Gonzales

Written on November 17, 2010.

I honestly think that bullying is like a crime; it should be illegal. I have always been against bullying, but during my time, bullying was actually quite bearable in a sense that it could build a person’s character. Unfortunately, things are now different. The effects of bullying on the victims are getting worse every day. Some of them have not only considered committing suicide, but some have done it already. We’re losing lives here. The lives of young people, the leaders of tomorrow, who will run this nation in the future. I don’t know about you, but we do not discriminate people. If anything, we are supposed to communicate and inspire lives.

Bullying is a relevant issue that needs to be addressed. You can’t just pretend that bullying will just stop on its own, because clearly it hasn’t. It has existed since who-knows-when, and nobody has ever done anything to stop it. You can’t say it’s normal because it’s not. Bullying is cruel and mean. It’s like dehumanizing a person in disguise. It implies that hurting people is tolerable, and that’s where crimes of violence start. Violence and other forms of cruelty begin with bullying. But you can end it. We can end it. Let’s end this now before it’s too late.

If you’re being bullied, don’t be afraid to ask for help or to talk about it. If you know someone who is being bullied, don’t hesitate to report it.