I watch films all the time
Even those not worth my dime

Romance and drama are not my thing
Musical ones? I don’t even sing!
I want something as cool as ice
Not too deep, I’m not wise
I like horror, action, and suspense
Or any film that makes some sense
Bloody scenes and violence
I don’t care about innocence
I’m not morbid, evil, or bad
I just think they’re really rad
If only those guns and knives were mine
Imagine the excitement up my spine
Shooting goons and kicking ass
Perfect way to impress a lass
But I don’t watch just for fun
I value films excellently done
Something fresh or inspiring
Like a novel, but for watching
Films that stay in my memory
Usually have a unique story
Engaging and compelling
Convincing and worth sharing
They leave a mark in my heart
They stay forever like a piece of art



A poem by Miji Gonzales

Written on November 13, 2010