Frannie Medina

I have a friend named Frannie Medina
She’s like the cutest Filipina

Her height’s all right
Her skin’s so white
Is this love at first sight?
But where’s her mighty knight?
Well, I’m her knight, actually
But the friendly kind, obviously
We went to school
We were kind of cool
We had a place to sit and stay
Not with cliques who talked all day
But with my dawgs P and E
Patrick Star and Erika G.
We hated stress
We weren’t a mess
We studied well
We survived that hell
But today we find ourselves apart
Because of work, that’s the worst part
At least we’re still the same
Looking good but without the fame
She’ll be great
Oh, just you wait!
And when she does
You’ll start a fuss
CEO or Woman of the Year
Not your foe so have no fear
My little lamb is just around
Maybe waiting to be found



A poem by Miji Gonzales.

Written on November 13, 2010.