Twitter Girl

I notice just about every girl I see
Doesn’t matter who they are to me
Then my eyes met this girl online
I saw her photos from a friend of mine
It was like an instant crush
Beating heart and then a blush
We’ve never really met or talked
But I started following her, not stalked
Feels like I’ve known her from somewhere
‘Cause her tweets make me smile and care
I knew she was a Povedan
Not to mention an Atenean
We went to the same university
But I never saw her there, honestly
So when I saw her finally
On the internet, apparently
I wish I’d known her all my life
She could’ve been my future wife
I know it’s silly I like her and all
If only I could text her and make a call
One time she needed help with school
I tweeted back like a fool
Seconds passed and she got my tweet
I honestly thought that reply was sweet
Minutes passed and she followed me
It was like a dream come true for free
I jumped for joy and screamed out loud
Is this for real? Is this allowed?
Such nonsense went through my brain
I had to pinch myself for pain
Of course, it’s real, I got the mail
She followed me, I did not fail
We know each other now, I guess
If I ask her out, would she say yes?
But wait, hold on, before I fall
I don’t think we can go out to the mall
She’s already taken, by the way
That’s a sign to turn around and walk away
I think I’ve got it all wrong
This feeling won’t last that long
She’s following me out of respect
It’s not like we’re friends who text and connect
A follower, that’s what she is
Not the kind of girl we touch and we kiss
Follow, reply, and retweet
The kind of moves I call defeat

A poem by Miji Gonzales.

Written on November 11, 2010.