Erika G.

I have a friend named Erika G.
Her name’s so common; anyone would agree
I call her names like AmErika
But when I’m bored, I say Erika
She loves dogs. What kind? Who cares!
All I know is I’m afraid when it stares
She likes indie songs and fries
She hates things that lead to lies
She’s pretty good at teasing me
Her jokes are annoying but funny
She calls me a loser like I’m an infection
I guess it’s her way of showing affection
I really miss hanging out with her
She’s way cooler than my sister
We would eat a lot or maybe not
But we used to talk until we rot
Have you seen her in a dress?
It’s like she was born to impress
She also has this beautiful smile
I’m telling you, it’s worth your while
I don’t know where she is right now
Probably at work to earn somehow
I could go on describing Erika G.
But that’s for you to figure out and see
There’s more to her than what I said
So before you sleep and go to bed
Remember that if you need a friend
Think of her. The end!

A poem by Miji Gonzales.

Written on November 12, 2010.